9 Low-Carb Beers Under 200 Calories

9 Low-Carb Craft Beers Under 200 Calories

Photos (clockwise from top left): Blue Point Brewing Company / Anderson Valley Brewing Company / Founders Brewing Company / Allagash Brewing Company

Low-carb beers are often criticized for being bland and diluted, but craft breweries are changing the game by offering flavorful options that won’t add inches to your waistline. When choosing a beer that is both low in calories and carbs, opt for those with alcohol by volume (ABV) of six percent or lower. Women should limit their intake to one 12-ounce drink a day, while men can have up to two.

Whether you enjoy a rich, chocolaty stout or a crisp, fruity IPA, here are some top picks for low-calorie beers that are 200 calories and under!

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9 Best Low-Carb Beers for Craft Brew Lovers

Low-Carb Beers: Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose

Photo: Courtesy of Anderson Valley Brewing Company

1. For Sour Beer Enthusiasts…

Anderson Valley Brewing Company’s Blood Orange Gose
Calories: 126; ABV: 4.2 percent
Those who prefer sour beers should consider the Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose. This German-style beer is brewed with coriander seeds and salt, resulting in a low ABV and a light, flavorsome profile. With the addition of blood orange during fermentation, the beer offers a refreshing, citrusy, and tart flavor.

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Low-Carb Beers: Founders All Day IPA

Photo: Courtesy of Founders Brewing Company

2. For IPA Enthusiasts…

Founders Brewing Company’s All Day IPA
Calories: 140; ABV: 4.7 percent
Enjoy the aromatic and hoppy flavors of a New England-style IPA with the crisp taste of Founders’ All Day IPA. This session beer is infused with Simcoe and Amarillo hops, offering a mix of sweet and bitter flavors while keeping the calorie and alcohol content low. It’s the perfect choice for active beer enthusiasts who can enjoy it anywhere from a hike to a party.

Low-Carb Beers: Left Hand Brewing's Saison au Ble de Minuit

Photo: Courtesy of Left Hand Brewing 

3. For Stout Enthusiasts…

Left Hand Brewing’s Saison au Ble de Minuit
Calories: 199; ABV: 6.8 percent
For stout lovers, the Left Hand Brewing’s Saison au Ble de Minuit offers a rich, full-bodied experience, with flavors of cocoa, espresso, spice, and dried fruit packed into this under-200 calorie farmhouse ale, providing a flavorful yet light stout option.

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Low-Carb Beers: Allagash White

Photo: Courtesy of Allagash Brewing Company

4. For Belgian Wheat Beer Enthusiasts…

Allagash Brewing Company’s Allagash White
Calories: 159; ABV: 5.1 percent
Allagash White, a Belgian-inspired wheat beer, is flavored with a unique blend of coriander and Curacao orange peel, offering a creamy finish and foamy top, perfect for those looking for a light and flavorful beer with only 159 calories.

Low-Carb Beers: Bold Flavors in Every Sip

Looking for low-carb beers that don’t compromise on flavor? These low-calorie craft beers pack big tastes in every sip.

5. Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner
Calories: 160; ABV: 5.3 percent
Pilsners are known for their light body and hoppy, floral, and spicy tones. This German-style pilsner gets a kick from the rye malt, balanced with hints of grapefruit and lemon, making it a delicious option. Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner is a low-carb beer that proves that great taste doesn’t have to come with high carb content.

6. Blue Point Brewing Company’s Toasted Lager
Calories: 165; ABV: 5.5 percent
The Toasted Lager from Blue Point Brewing Company is a smooth, crisp beer designed for easy drinking, with a low ABV and a delightful mix of sweet, roasted, and bitter notes. Brewed with six different grains, this American amber lager offers a flavorful experience without the high calorie count.

7. Prairie Artisan Ales’ Standard
Calories: 168; ABV: 5.6 percent
Prairie Artisan Ales is known for their lip-smacking ales, and the Standard is no exception. Dry-hopped with Motueka, a New Zealand hop with a lime-like flavor, this farmhouse ale brings a vibrant mix of fruity, tart, and bitter tones. It’s a semi-dry, golden-hued ale perfect for those seeking a low-carb beer with a taste akin to champagne.

8. Sweetwater Brewing Company’s 420 Extra Pale Ale
Calories: 168; ABV: 5.7 percent
Coming from Atlanta, the 420 Extra Pale Ale from Sweetwater Brewing Company offers a West Coast-style beer with its refreshing light carbonation and a burst of grapefruit flavor. Packed with Cascade and Centennial hops, this calorie-conscious pale ale provides a delightful drinking experience.

9. Bell’s Porter
Calories: 183; ABV: 5.6 percent
If you desire the smooth and rich flavors of a stout but not the extra calories, Bell’s Porter is an excellent choice. With hints of chocolate and coffee, this award-winning porter also surprises with a touch of bitter hops, making for a satisfying, low-carb beer option.

These low-carb beers offer a variety of flavors and styles, making it easier for beer enthusiasts to find a delicious brew without the high carb content. For more beer recommendations, visit the source link.

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