Compound Exercises for Weight Gain At Home

If you go to the gym, you might know that almost 80% of the individuals are there just for the sake of weight loss. This is the reason most people think instantly about weight loss when they are recommended to go to the gym. However most people do not understand that they are not aiming for weight loss, they are aiming to get closer to their normal BMI. If you are lean and underweight, the chances are that most people will never tell you to start working out unless they are medical health professionals or they know how devastating the effect can be. Overall, you need much more than just a few additional meals. A common misconception about weight gain is that you can start eating more and you will gain weight in no time. This might be true but the question is if it will be healthy. You need to find the right balance between healthy and unhealthy weight gain. If you gain weight and it is all about fat, you will be considered overweight and not at all healthy.

A simple method of gaining weight while maintaining a good shape and reducing the fat content in the body is to only gain muscle mass. Ideally, you will be eating a lot of protein and you will be working out and this will help you reach your normal BMI. However, there are many different steps that most people do not follow. You need to keep in mind that food will mainly work as a fuel but if you do not convert it into muscle mass you will not be able to see significant results. For this, you will need a good enough workout routine that you can use. The choice of workout, the kind of exercises, and the routine will all depend on your lifestyle and these simple steps are very important.

With the help of this article, we will look at some of the best combination exercises that can help you gain weight. The idea is to know why combination exercises are a much better option than most of the other exercises. We will also know how you can assemble these combination exercises in the best way possible.

Why Is Combination Exercise The Best Choice?

Combination exercise is the kind of exercise that will help you work on multiple muscles at the same time. In short, with just one exercise you will be able to see improvement in multiple locations and multiple muscles. The calorie breakdown count will be much more and you will be able to shape the same muscles much more easily. In short, you will be able to get better results in a limited time without overworking or spending too much time in a gym. Most of the combination exercises are simple and will help you target your whole body. You will have a toned body with less fat content by the end of the workout.

Combination Workout for Weight Gain

We are technically not aiming for weight gain but muscle gain. This will help you look bigger without making you look fat. This is a simple workout routine that you can try and by the end of it, you will see improvement in your body.


Starting with a warm-up session will help you get ready for an intense workout that you are going to start. As an individual who has never workout, the warm-up session is very important because it will reduce the chance of injury by helping your muscles gain flexibility.


The squat will help you target the lower back, especially the hip area. This will also help with leg strength, especially the upper knee portion. The overall squat is an ideal workout for someone who is looking for good work for the lower body.

Pull Up

Pull up to help you target the shoulder muscles along with the upper back, neck, and upper arm regions. Since you will be hanging your body weight and then lifting yourself, the idea is that you will also be using your core muscles for strength.


The lunge is an ideal lower body workout that will help you target your hips muscles to the hamstrings, upper legs, and lower leg regions. This is a very good strength workout that you can use for muscle gain.

Push Up

Push-up is a good workout for the shoulder, back, arms, triceps, and bicep muscles. Apart from this, it will also help you target the core and the lower body. The overall push-up is a full-body workout that will help you target multiple muscles at the same time.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you change your lifestyle. Within your lifestyle, you will see how active you should stay and what kind of food you need to consume. Most people start working out but they keep living the same way as before. The passive lifestyle makes it difficult for them to reach their gal. Apart from this, people who have never exercised before, when they start exercising, feel extremely hungry. As a result, they snack on things that are not healthy. This usually ends badly because they might eat more and eventually become fat. the idea is that becoming fat might not sound so weird, especially when you have been underweight your whole life but the fact is that if you are lean, and you become fat, the fat in your body will be deposited in odd places making you look out of shape. The idea is to keep working on your body even as you eat healthily.

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