Free Yoga Class for Surfers

Surfing and yoga complement each other perfectly! Both surfers and their surfing skills can benefit from yoga.

Yoga is beneficial for surfers in various ways, from preparing your body before hitting the waves, to enhancing body awareness and strengthening the necessary muscles. It also aids in cooling down and stretching post-surfing, significantly improving your overall surfing experience.

Many surfers view riding a wave as a highly spiritual experience, a feeling that correlates with a yoga and meditation practice.

Whether you’re yearning for warm weather to get back on the water, or if you’re residing in or visiting a tropical climate for surfing, this video is perfect for surfers throughout the year.

The Harmony of Surfing and Yoga

Yoga offers numerous advantages for surfers. Apart from the aforementioned benefits, it helps improve flexibility and strength, calms the mind for the next big wave, and enhances lung capacity and mindful breathing.

The ancient practice of yoga parallels the spiritual experiences of many surfers and aligns with the principles of meditation.

For surfers, staying present is crucial. Yoga teaches us presence, how to stay composed, and to return to our breath consistently, irrespective of the external circumstances or experiences in the water.

Experience This 25-Minute Yoga For Surfers Class!

This yoga class is ideal for a warm-up before hitting the waves, helping to prime your body and activate the muscles you’ll use on the board. The initial part of the video offers a surfing warm-up.

The subsequent portion of the video is a great post-surf cool down. You can practice the entire video before or after surfing, and even on rest days, to keep your body and mind strong, flexible, and healthy.

Join Chelsea Maliakai, a YogiApproved teacher, as she leads you through this Yoga for Surfers class.

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Key Yoga Poses and Their Benefits for Surfers

1. Downward Dog: Downward Dog elongates the hamstrings, calves, and stretches the shoulders, hands, and arches of the feet. It strengthens the arms, upper body, and legs, while energizing the body and relieving back pain and fatigue. Inversions like Downward Dog also help calm the brain and nervous system.

2. Puppy Dog Stretch: This pose stretches and lengthens the spine, shoulders, and sides of the body. It helps open up the shoulders after intense paddling.

3. Warrior II: Warrior II strengthens and stretches the legs, hips, groin, and shoulders. It promotes balance, concentration, and stamina.

4. Thread the Needle: This popular shoulder opener stretches the outer shoulders, relieves tension, creates a gentle spinal twist, and releases the lower back.

The Perfect Union of Surfing and Yoga

Try this Yoga for Surfers class before heading out to the water and notice its impact. After your next surfing session, practice the short cool-down portion of the video and observe how your body feels.

Remember, you can take the entire class at your convenience, or use it before and after your next surfing adventure. Let’s catch some waves! And namaste.

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