The Best Socks for Every Type of Workout

The Best Socks for Every Type of Workout

We know what you’re thinking: Who cares about socks? But hear us out. A pair of comfy, soft socks can seriously change your fitness game. With constructions that protect you from blisters — an ailment more than 5 million people get each year — as well as support your arch and cushion your heel and forefoot, you can go stronger for longer. So we dare you to slip into these six pairs of smart socks, one for every type of workout. You just might find what you’ve been missing from your workout wardrobe.

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6 Socks You’ll Want to Work Out in ASAP

Best Socks: Feetures Elite Max Cushion

1. Chasing Miles

Best for: Long-distance running

If you’ve never gone the distance in socks with stellar arch support, you need to buy a pair of Feetures’ Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab, stat. The super soft, moisture-wicking fabric hugs and cushions your feet in all the right spots, so you can clock miles in comfort — sans chafing or irritation. ($16,

Best Socks: Asics Kayano Single Tab

2. Full Speed Ahead

Best for: Short, sweaty runs

Anti-friction yarn, mesh ventilation, and a seamless toe all work to keep you cool and comfy in the Asics Kayano Single Tab socks. The arch-supporting construction and extra padded heel also make for a snug fit that helps lessen the impact of a speedy stride ($14,

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Best Socks: Bombas Grippers

3. Stick with It

Best for: Pilates, barre or yoga

Stop sliding on your mat or Megaformer in these Bombas Grippers. Featuring sticky spots on the underfoot, you can plié, pulse and plank with ease. And because they’re buttery soft, feel free to stay in them the rest of the day. ($14,

Best Socks: Injinji Spectrum Trail Midweight Crew

4. Find Your Path

Best for: Trail running

Take your cool cred to the next level. These Injinji Spectrum Trail Midweight Crew socks not only look pretty, they feel pretty amazing, too. Thanks to the individual toe cavities, you can easily spread your digits for even weight distribution on the run. And with supreme moisture management, plus mesh on top and cushioning underneath, you won’t overheat or destroy your feet as you trek over rough terrain. ($17,

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Best Socks: Smartwool Women’s PhD Outdoor Light Pattern Crew Socks

5. Trek It Out

Best for: Hiking

Made narrow, lightweight, and with incredibly durable wool, you can sport the Smartwool Women’s PhD Outdoor Light Pattern Crew Socks for any outdoor adventure. Whether you’re summiting mountains or just walking gravel paths, the stretchy, breathable construction offers top-notch protection. Better yet: The mid-calf crew height will protect your skin from branches, rocks, or other trail debris. ($22,

Best Socks: Balega Silver

6. It’s a HIIT

Best for: High-intensity interval classes

Feeling fancy? The Balega Silver socks have silver weaved into the threads, which provides antibacterial properties. So when things get steamy during burpees and box jumps, you’ll stay dry and odor-free. The tight fit, seamless toe, and deep heel pocket also add comfort and the design stops them from slipping down. ($15,

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When choosing workout socks, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your fitness routine. For example, long-distance runners may benefit from socks with arch support and cushioning, while those participating in high-intensity interval classes might prefer socks with antibacterial properties to combat odor. Selecting the right socks can enhance comfort, performance, and overall workout experience.

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