The Sliding Plank Move for Killer Abs

One of the hottest fitness trends, the sliding plank, is a powerful and innovative core workout that trumps conventional crunches.

Renowned celebrity yoga instructor, Claire Grieve, has garnered a dedicated following including A-listers like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Odell Beckham Jr. due to her expertise. Grieve’s ability to demystify yoga and tailor it to various needs has made her a sought-after fitness coach.

According to Grieve, core strength is vital not just for yoga enthusiasts aiming for #abselfies but also for improving one’s overall well-being. She explains, “A strong core stabilizes your body from the inside out, which is obviously important in yoga, but also in everyday life.”

The move she swears by for achieving enviable abs is the sliding plank, needing just a dish towel or hand towel on a smooth floor.

Claire Grieve, Ab workout, Sliding Plank

Yoga Instructor Claire Grieve demonstrates her ab workout

Sliding Plank

Targets: Rectus abdominis (outer abs), transverse abdominis (internal abs), obliques (side abs), legs, arms, shoulders, and back.

  • Begin in a plank position with your feet on a blanket, towel, or disks.
  • Use your abdominal muscles to simultaneously draw both knees towards your chest.
  • Keep your hips parallel to the ceiling, arms straight, and shoulders and chest stable.
  • Engage your abs as you slide your legs back to the plank position.
  • Repeat 10 times and increase repetitions at your own pace. Try variations such as adding a twist, one leg at a time mountain climbers, or bringing your feet towards your hands with straight legs.

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